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About BirnBaum

Robert and Brenda Garza moved to Lake Cliff in 1991. Considered “urban pioneers” by many friends and family, the couple chose the neighborhood for several reasons. 


Get a glimpse of their reality through Robert's recount below:

"The neighborhood was not designated 'historical' at that time, but we loved the character and fabric that existed within the district. In addition to its unique charm, the neighborhood has a park walking distance from downtown. There were hand-full of other “urban pioneers” that called this neighborhood home, and that reassured us of our decision.  Within a few years, Lake Cliff was designated 'historical' to protect the district's antiquity and create guidelines for routine maintenance and renovations.

 In 2005, after having two children and renovating our original home, we decided to invest in the area.  We figured by buying one decayed property at a time and restoring it; we could lease out residences to individuals who also consider this area a great place to call home. It became a social experiment. Because our neighborhood is diverse, we were not confident that restoring between other old and damaged 

 residences would be received well. Nevertheless, we formed BirnBaum Enterprises, LLC.


While the name might seem random, Brenda has always been a comedian at heart and always contemplated what her stage name would be. Her father always talked about the German version of her last name “BirnBaum,” and she always believed her stage name would work as Brenda BirnBaum. Hence, the LLC's name arose, because we were not exactly sure if this endeavor would become a joke.


Although I am an architect and I love what I do, it was Brenda who motivated me to begin investing in our neighborhood. Putting our time, money and love into investment homes and conversely into our community, I figured there was no better way to express that love than through my love for Brenda."


- Robert P. Garza, AIA, RA, RI 


BirnBaum Enterprises adds value with every renovation project. Our team manages all redevelopment operations to maintain and adhere to our opportunistic strategy. In addition to acquiring properties at a discount to replacement cost, our group of professionals handles the project planning, construction design, and leasing execution phases. 

Robert P. Garza

Robert is the Lead Architect and Managing Member of BirnBaum. He is also one of the Founding Principals of RPGA Architects. His experience ranges from project management to design quality control in both the public and private sectors. Robert serves as a Task Force member for Dallas' Historical Preservation Department.

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Brenda P. Garza

Brenda is the Lead Designer and Member of BirnBaum. She aids in establishing the identity of the properties, determining each home's unique aesthetic through distinct exterior color schemes and interior finishes. Additionally, as one of the top sales representatives in the design industry, she became a Director of Regional Sales for Maharam.

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Nick Garza

Nick is BirnBaum's web designer and content creator. In addition to being the son of the family, he has earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at Austin with a concentration in Real Estate. He will be continuing his education and beginning the M.S. in Commerce Program at the University of Virginia this fall.

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